Materials And Care

Our Materials

We are proud to support local artisans from across the globe and bring you the latest treasures at fair and competitive prices.
From everyday essentials to statement pieces, we have a few tips and tricks to keep your pieces looking brand new.

Solid Gold

Solid gold is a precious metal that is best for an active lifestyle. Our 10k pieces scratch less and don’t wear out as easily as higher karat pieces. To maintain its beauty, scrub lightly with a toothbrush and warm water.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is by far the most popular silver alloy in the world. It is comprised of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. Avoid water when wearing your piece, because over time the sterling silver will oxidize. When you aren’t showing off your favourite piece, remember to store it in your Topaz Jewelry box.

Gold Vermeil

Gold Vermeil is a much thicker layer of gold which gives the pieces their long-lasting colour. For a piece to be considered gold vermeil, the gold must be a minimum of 10k and 1.5 microns. Sweat and water are not your friend! Remove your vermeil jewelry before exercising or taking a shower. Clean your piece by buffing gently with a dry cloth.




All of our gemstones are genuine and highly valued for their beauty and longevity. We use an array of precious and semi-precious stones To keep gemstones clean and shiny, use warm soapy water and a soft brush. Avoid chemicals or excessive temperatures when cleaning.


Pearls are sensitive in nature, so don’t forget to treat them with love. Make sure they are the last addition to your look and the first thing off after a day out. Avoid chemicals or excessive temperatures when cleaning.